Polyglot Club

The Polyglot Club is a group of enthusiastic speakers of additional languages at UMass Amherst that get together to practice their favorite languages, exchange ideas on how to become life-long polyglots and have fun. Besides our regular meetings, we host a group on Discord where we help one another with our language related questions, exchange information about language learning tools, recommend online shows in other languages, and much more. If you study, work or are visiting the Five Colleges and you also love speaking languages, join us!

Fall Schedule (2022)

All our meetings this semester are in

Herter 301

Join us!

Connect with us on Discord: https://discord.com/invite/nF876cdGcE

  • Sep 16 (Friday) 5-7pm

  • Sep 30 (Friday) 5-7pm

  • Oct 14 (Friday) 5-7pm

  • Oct 25 (Tuesday) 6-8pm

  • Nov 4 (Friday) 5-7pm

  • Nov 15 (Tuesday) 6-8pm

  • Dec 8 (Thursday) 6-8pm

Some languages spoken in our group

English Español Français Deutsch

中文(汉语普通话) 吳語 Português

日本語 한국어 हिंदी

العربية עִברִ فارس

Русский Türkçe Tagalog

Asturiano Italiano ASL

македонски јазик język polski

български Magyar nyelv Chatino

Հայաստան മലയാളം

Some other languages we are learning

Kiswahili Wapichana ภาษาไทย

Youruba Kichwa shimi ខ្មែរ

Twi বাংলা தமிழ்

አማርኛ الدارجة