Research Philosophy

The overarching goal of our projects is to support language learners in their quest to develop their language proficiency. Several of our research projects combine the acquisition of linguistic properties and the development of functional, communicative skills. The development of language skills in speaking, writing, listening and reading tasks have long been considered crucial to achieve a proficient use of a target language. By studying if the acquisition of language properties can be correlated with certain language skills, we can not only advance our understanding of how linguistic, communicative and strategic competences could be intertwined in bilingual development, but we can also build bridges between the rich data presented in theoretical and applied studies in second language acquisition.

Research Projects

Given our mission to study and promote language learning and bilingualism, our research projects can be divided by the different groups of learners we deal with. Many times we see an overlap in such groups, but we can sum up the different foci of our projects the following way (click on the links to learn more):